Whether it's a laptop for school, a desktop for your home or office, or even a mainframe, you can save big -- without compromising quality -- with used, refurbished and surplus computers from the IBM Certified Used Equipment™ store. Many of these refurbished computers are late model, new technology laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals, coming from sources such as excess IBM and reseller inventory, or off lease from companies.


Used laptops with refurbished laptops from Global Financing, there's no reason to skimp on quality for mobile computing convenience.

Refurbished computers

Put a used, refurbished desktop into your home or office for a fraction of the original price.

No-hassle buying

Saving with a used laptop, a used server -- almost any refurbished or surplus computer -- is as easy and convenient as buying new.

Great deals for everybody

Now you can get the prices on used laptops and used servers that most people think are reserved for insiders and big companies. ...and get more

Used servers can ship sooner than new, custom equipment. Plus, used servers can simplify expansion by being of the same generation as existing servers.

Refurbished laptops can reduce the cost of computing. With refurbished laptops, you can upgrade hardware without having to buy the software.

Refurbished computers, or surplus computers, can keep you online with a legacy system. The economy of refurbished computers can save the day when the business grows faster than the budget.

Used computers and refurbished systems are ideal for redundancy.

With used servers, you can cost-effectively build test environments or onsite overflow capacity for peak periods.