Our service is unique in that it consolidates all ambulatory cardiac monitoring technologies, clinical developments and helpful industry insights into one place rather than scattered across the World Wide Web. Our ultimate goal is to help physicians & medical professionals enhance the diagnosis and management of cardiac arrhythmias.

A service of this kind is long overdue to keep the medical community informed about emerging technology & guidelines specific to the ambulatory cardiac monitoring segment. Additionally, we strive to connect prospective physicians and medical clinics to U.S companies specializing in innovative cardiac monitoring technologies.

Techverce’s offshore EVENTS data scanning, analyzing and reporting service offers an accurate diagnostics report for the recorded data. All digital data are professionally scanned using on-screen markings, annotations and interpretations. These are digitally prepared through manual read using screen-based measurement tools, reviewed and signed off by an American Board Certified Cardiac Technicians.

Clinical Report:

Our experienced cardiac technicians meticulously analyze all the cardiac events data received at our diagnostics center and carefully prepare a written diagnostics report (customized to clients need)breaking down all the key features of the cardiac rhythm over the patient monitoring period complete with ECG strips of true abnormal events raised in the written report.


• A comprehensive suite of diagnostic procedures intended to provide the complete ECG report possible.

• Emergency reports are provided within thirty minutes to locations diametrically across the globe.

• Extensive customization designed to meet your specific practice Protocols, Procedure, and Reporting formats.

• Reports are stored and delivered as Word (or) PDF files.

• Reports Delivered to you through various Secure Data Exchange and (or) directly stored into your EMR system.

• Provision to view the reports online 24/7 through Tablets & Mobile devices.

• Consistent reporting with an internal peer review process

Authorized caregivers can securely view patient data at any time, from anywhere in the world to determine treatment approaches.