Whether it's a laptop for school, a desktop for your home or office, or even a mainframe, you can save big -- without compromising quality -- with used, refurbished and surplus computers from the IBM Certified Used Equipment™ store. Many of these refurbished computers are late model, new technology laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals, coming from sources such as excess IBM and reseller inventory, or off lease from companies.

Cable and Wiring Installation

If you have a need to expand your existing computer network, we can install more network drops to allow for any network growing pains you might experience. We provide quick, reliable service that is guaranteed to meet all of your critical needs. We understand the critical nature of computer networks and will handle your project accordingly.

Wired and Wireless Network

Wireless networking provides the ultimate in computing convenience to individuals across the globe. From homes to offices to fast-food establishments to coffee shops, wireless networking has almost become a necessity in our lives. We are proud to offer all of our customers a professional array of services to keep their wireless networks working properly. We understand how critical a wireless network can be to residential customers and business customers alike. Whether we are providing service to a wireless network of three computers or three hundred computers, we take great care to always provide a superior level of service to each of our customers. We offer a quick response to all your wireless networking issues. Whether your problem is with networking software, modems, routers, or operating system setup, leave the troubleshooting to us. Your problems become ours with a single call. Let us handle any issues you encounter with wireless networking. Removing this from your to-do list will free you up to focus on the more critical issues in your day.