Financial Research

We believe growth happens at the intersection of intelligence and action. But for decision-makers, access to actionable intelligence is always a challenge. And that's where Techverce Financial Research Services comes in, helping clients transform their strategy, sales & marketing, finance, and procurement functions.

Financial data, when properly researched, can reveal a number of important factors such as the recent successes and failures of a company, opportunities for risk reduction and development of new products and services based on current market trends. When used properly, carefully prepared financial research can help your company make precise, potentially game-changing decisions.

Techverce Provide

We offer a full range of financial research services by using the latest techniques and technologies in the field of research. Our services are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive data in your industry.

Equity Research - We offer comprehensive equity research in investment targets, including possible opportunities that will benefit your clients

Credit Research - By evaluating credit opportunities, risks, and the possible threats to potential investments, we can help your firm take informed decisions about how to move forward with your business plans

Retail Brokerage Research - We offer a number of retail brokerage research services to help you better understand the opportunities presented by your competitors, and how they might affect the needs of your customers

Derivatives Offshoring - Whether you are interested in offshoring derivatives for the investments made on the behalf of your company's clients, or for the assets held by your firm, we can help you find the best opportunities based on the current market conditions

Commodities Research - We can provide research services for commodities, both as an investment and analysis of investment opportunities

Retail Risk Analytics - We offer in-depth research of the retail risks presented to companies in which your firm is currently or soon going to invest in

Private Wealth Management - We offer comprehensive private wealth management services as well as support for companies that offer such services to their clients

Fundamental Analytics - We can provide a full-featured analytics service based on fundamental indicators for you and your competitors

Asset Management Support - We provide detailed reports pertaining to different asset classes, asset-backed securities, ETFs, etc. to help you manage your assets better.