Techverce IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) offers a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services and solutions that deliver differentiated value to our customer's business.

Our rich portfolio of service offerings span across the infrastructure lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run-Monitor and includes infra consulting, data center, end-user computing, enterprise networking, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation services.

At Techverce, we have built our value proposition to help you maximize value from your infrastructure, which is at the very core of your business. Our infrastructure services help enterprises to design, build, run, and manage their IT infrastructure services in an agile manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes and operations at optimum costs.

Our offerings:

Data Center Services

Data centers are the foundation for all initiatives that drive business agility and innovation. Today, enterprise data centers go beyond the usual task of keeping core IT operations running and are paramount to ensuring the success of every transformational IT project. As a result, there is a constant demand for greater flexibility, improved asset utilization, and cost-efficiency.

Technologies such as virtualization, automation and Cloud improve the agility of data centers and optimize their performance. It ensures faster and cost-effective delivery of services.

Our services help enterprises improve agility and scalability, reduce IT complexity, and lower cost of operations while meeting the demands of IT and aligning with business goals. Our services include:

• Data Center Consolidation and Optimization services

• Core Infrastructure Transformation services

• Infrastructure Engineering services

• Private Cloud Implementation services

• Workload Migration services

• Open Compute services

• Data Center Security services

Operations Management

Operational excellence and execution are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise. In the absence of appropriate services that drive operations, any business strategy will fail to yield the best results. Our operations solutions take a comprehensive approach to ensure that the infrastructure of your enterprise IT operates as designed while continuously optimizing the output.

-Service Integration services

-ITSM services

-Command Center services

-DevOps services

-SAP Basis

-Database services

-Middleware services

-Mainframe services

Network Management

Today, networks play a crucial role in connecting business applications with customers, partners, and employees. Without access to these applications, businesses cannot function as required. Today’s enterprises demand a robust and secure network to drive collaboration, keep data secure, and remain agile. Infosys network transformation services ensure that all your business applications remain in an ‘always-on-and-available’ mode. Through our services, we help clients reshape their network infrastructure to keep pace with digital trends while also improving performance and optimizing costs. Our services include:

-Network Optimization services

-Campus network services

-Software defined network services

-Network Security services

-Unified Communication and Collaboration services

Workplace Transformation

Workplace technologies available today have completely changed the way end-users operate. While end-users demand for greater flexibility and personalization at the workplace, enterprise IT is posed with a challenge to maintain control and secure data while meeting the demands of end-users. Here, Techverce helps enterprise IT to secure data, ensure compliance, and adhere to set processes while keeping pace with the changes in workplace technology, and helping them meet the conflicting demands of end-users. We enable clients to migrate to the latest software and operating systems while ensuring application compatibility and providing high-quality operations support.

Our services include:

-Service Desk services

-End-User services

-Unified Communication and Collaboration services

Security Services

Security of enterprise assets and data is of utmost importance for any business. With threats growing at an exponential rate, enterprises are looking to move away from being reactive in their response to proactively managing threats. Today’s security initiatives find prominence as enterprises embrace new technologies that help them stay ahead of the competition while reducing the cost of operations. Techverce security transformation services provide enterprises with continuous monitoring of their IT assets for threats, vulnerability management, security operations, and more to ensure that IT infrastructure meets all required industry compliances while mitigating internal and external security risks.

Our services include:

-Cyber Security services

-SOC services

-Data Security services

-GRC services (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

-Security Assurance services