At Techverce, we support your endeavors with in-depth pharmaceutical market research services and pharmaceutical clinical research services. We have a team of pharmaceutical research experts who come in with a strong educational background and experience in pharmaceutical market research.

We perform affinity analysis that helps you test the waters at the market and get a fair foresight about trends and opportunities.

At Techverce, we understand the disruption in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. We, thus, have services to help you create environments conducive for innovation and discovery that deliver incremental and significant efficiencies across processes in the value chain.

We Techverce

With Techverce’s capacity to handle a broad spectrum of Pharma based research, businesses need to look no further for Pharmaceutical Research Services that are customized to your precise informational goals.

• R&D, Intellectual Property and Open Innovation - Pipeline Product Landscaping; Clinical Trial Assessment; R&D to OTC Switch Feasibility; Epidemiology Analyses; IP Searches/NPL Searches; IP and Technology Landscape; IP Licensing Studies

• Competitive Intelligence - Competitors R&D Strategy Evaluation; Technology Road Map Assessment; Competitors Regulatory Filing Status Assessment; Regulatory Approval Feasibility Analyses; Product Launch Time, Pricing and Positioning Strategies; Brand Line Extension/Portfolio Expansion; Sales Force Assessment, Distribution, Marketing Channel Analyses.

• Market Intelligence - Market Opportunity Analyses; Market Development and Positioning; Market Penetration Strategy Analyses; Consumer and Behavior Insights Analyses; Competitive Landscape and Profiling; Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement; Treatment Cost Assessment and Therapy Area Reports.

• Business Development and Licensing - Merger/Acquisition/Licensing Support; Procurement Intelligence and Analytics; Supplier Identification and Capability Assessment; Synergy Mapping Assessment; Sales Force Effectiveness and Promotional Spend; Company Valuation; Industry Watch/Newsletters.