We manage our company from our customer’s point of view focusing on home and small business computer services. We’re invested in your satisfaction, and provide honest, affordable, personal attention.

Whether your computer has software or hardware issues, you need new computers, or you need to upgrade your network, you’ll find everyone on our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the latest technologies and are eager to assist you.

We can fix many technology problems in your home, but we do not offer full hardware repair. We are able to remove viruses, resolve errors, reinstall or upgrade operating systems, and other fixes.

We do not offer hardware repair such as broken screens, broken keyboards, or water damage repair. If you are unsure whether we can service your need, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

As we’ve expanded, our team’s reputation has been built on providing refreshingly clear expert support to users in their homes. Our friendly, dedicated experts will help you find clear answers and solve challenging problems. Discover the difference that a single session can make in your life and book an appointment with us today.

Techverce is dedicated to you, the user. We offer expert user support, education, and explanation that computer repair shops can’t deliver. We now provide all residential services in your home. We no longer offer drop-off repair services.

Whether you're a computer enthusiast, a business professional or simply in need of something for the kids, buying a computer can be a significant investment. Learning to build your own system not only helps you save money but also ensures your computer system has everything you want and need. Techverce can show you how to get started.

With our comprehensive tutorial, you will learn the basics of how a computer works, understand about the essential parts and how to put it all together. We will also guide you in choosing the peripherals that meet your needs. Best of all, Techverce has a wide selection of computer hardware to fit every budget and system build. So whether this is your first scratch-built computer or your fiftieth and you just want a refresher course, let Techverce show the way!